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About Me
Beverly English is my in-person/remote training solution for individual and corporate clients. Presently I give lessons myself, helping companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals on an international scale.
With years of experience building e-commerce businesses for global markets, I believe I can bring value to you or your organization by instilling valuable ideas and developing an existing knowledge base.
Successful Start-up Experience
As a co-founder of Dex Digital, I was wearing different hats from the early going: cold-calling to the States looking for the 1st customer, connecting first payment systems, establishing a legal presence abroad, developing affiliates' base, taking care of production, managing teams, setting tasks and maintaining our fragile start-up.
There is a phrase that getting from 0 to 1 is way more difficult than getting from 1 to 1000. I can testify to this like no other. I am thankful for this journey as it indeed shaped my entrepreneurial spirit.
Experience working with Top of the Line Investors

In 2018, due to incompetence in financial planning, we were on the verge of bankruptcy. We got to the point of roughly $20k in monthly sales but were spending 25 and were unsure if we would survive. We spent the entire summer of that year looking for investors. We got lucky on attempt 83, if not 103. From that point forward, our experience working with a solid investment group helped us massively to take the business to a whole different level.
Psychological Development
Life has introduced me to challenges I thought I would never experience: being broke and having substance problem, trust issues, loneliness and depression.
I got lucky to visit Upgrade Camp in 2020 -- a psychological development event that helped me tremendously to discover my true values, and following regular sessions with my mental coach, I finally found what I love and I would like to share what I got with you.
What Do I Offer?
Beverly English helps both individual and corporate customers with particular business needs.
1-1 Training for a Specific Business Need
We are at the pivoting phase in our life: Ukrainians can start representing our country as a contemporary brand, strong and prosperous in the context of a business. This is instrumental to attain foreign capital and build the future we have always dreamt of. From this standpoint, I can prepare you for:

  • Negotiations with foreign customers/partners;
  • International sales;
  • Public speaking;
  • Pitching start-up/business idea to an investor;
  • Running a Zoom meeting;
  • Job Interview;
  • Casual Speech.
Public Speaking/Leadership for Teams
Got an event in English approaching? Need to close a multitude of deals at the international conference? Or Impress Engish-speaking colleagues, employees, and partners? Here are the group classes I give both online and offline:

  • Keynote speech delivery (content, pronunciation)
  • Speechwriting;
  • Motivational speeches for employees, core-team;
  • Presentations of new ideas/results.

Customer Care for Customer Support
I built a Customer Care department in my former business and spiced it up with some sales activities. The core of my philosophy in working with international customers is set in stone: customer relations should be all about LOVE. If you want me to train your customer support care department to be empathetic and drive repetitive/cross sales, these are the services I provide:

  • Group Online Classes;
  • 1-1 Business/Psychology Development Practice for Senior Members;
  • Onboarding Techniques.

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Insights about Beverly
  • This business is a passion.
    From the age of 21, my entire life revolved around the English language, which I didn't really learn that diligently in neither school nor university. I got lucky enough to realize that with English I can see the world through much wider lenses, which has been proven to be true up to date.

    I get inspired by Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Eelke Kleijn and a number of other mentors and role models across the world.
  • I am all about Customer Success.
    If you need me for a certain task, the only way I am going to feel fulfilled is through your ultimate satisfaction by attaining the results you had set for yourself prior to starting the training. At the same time, I do realize that we can never please everyone, so if you don't like me for some reason and don't see any yields - I wish to be informed ASAP.
  • I do have helpers.
    As I am obsessed with building trusting teams. I myself, am currently assembling a dream team of tutors and copywriters to address the most rigorous requests. I get inspired by working with the best, and with my network of native-English and advanced English speakers - I can set you up for success that goes far beyond my personal services.
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