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About Me.
    • For over 10 years, I have been working with international clients, investors, partners, and students.
    • I co-founded a startup for the American market which was successfully sold to a venture fund in 2021.
    • For the past 2 years, I have been developing Beverly English - Business Communication and Leadership School, where I have helped over 50 clients with their work and business.
    • I regularly appear on podcasts and recently launched my own one called 'BE Yourself', where I invite business people, artists, and change-makers from around the world.

What Do I Offer?
Beverly English helps both individual and corporate customers with particular business needs.
1-1 Training for a Specific Business Need
We are at the pivoting phase in our life: Ukrainians can start representing our country as a contemporary brand, strong and prosperous in the context of a business. This is instrumental to attain foreign capital and build the future we have always dreamt of. From this standpoint, I can prepare you for:

  • Negotiations with foreign customers/partners;
  • International sales;
  • Public speaking;
  • Pitching start-up/business idea to an investor;
  • Running a Zoom meeting;
  • Job Interview;
  • Casual Speech.
Public Speaking/Leadership for Teams
Got an event in English approaching? Need to close a multitude of deals at the international conference? Or Impress Engish-speaking colleagues, employees, and partners? Here are the group classes I give both online and offline:

  • Keynote speech delivery (content, pronunciation)
  • Speechwriting;
  • Motivational speeches for employees, core-team;
  • Presentations of new ideas/results.

Customer Care for Customer Support
I built a Customer Care department in my former business and spiced it up with some sales activities. The core of my philosophy in working with international customers is set in stone: customer relations should be all about LOVE. If you want me to train your customer support care department to be empathetic and drive repetitive/cross sales, these are the services I provide:

  • Group Online Classes;
  • 1-1 Business/Psychology Development Practice for Senior Members;
  • Onboarding Techniques.

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