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Join one of 10 seats for a 2-day marathon and Develop
a Unique Presentation in English
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Practical Tasks
Course Schedule
August 21-22
Monday, August 21
11:00 - Personal Presentation in English (Webinar)
11.30 - 21:00 - students compete their home task (+ extra tips/hints during the day)
21:00 - Breaking down homework. Feedback.
Tuesday, August 22
11:00 - Business Presentation in English (Webinar)
11.30 - 21:00 - students complete their home tasks (+ extra tips/hints during the day)
21:00 - Breaking down homework. Comments. Questions. Feelings.
About Me
Hi folks. My name is Serhii. I am a Ukrainian who co-founded DexDigital - an international e-commerce business that was sold for over $1ml in 2021.

Some of my experience:
  • bootstrapped a start-up having 12k that I borrowed from a friend;
  • found investors in Ukraine when venture funds/business angels were not public;
  • closed deals with first customers, suppliers, partners, and global payment systems;
  • hired and managed people, was in charge of 3 Departments dealing with English-speaking customers exclusively.
  • started a business in China - an online-English school called "Beverly English".
Today, I am finally bringing my knowledge and experience home.
I truly believe that my mission is to help Ukrainians present Ukraine on the global stage with the help of my courses.

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Make Mistakes.
Learning is a Perpetual Action. You never stop, and should never Beat Yourself Up for the Mistakes you're Making. Moreover, I will be encouraging you
to try out new things, make More
mistakes, and grow through taking risk.
Why choose Beverly English?
  • This is a service for Ukrainians
    from a Ukrainian who
    wants to enable more people
    to work and communicate
    with people in English efficiently.
  • You can always get the support needed as per your request in our community, whether you need advice on a sentence to address your employees or tailor your sales pitch.
  • You will track your progress with
    our regular quizzes and polls, which will help you understand your growth.
When the student is ready - the teacher arrives.
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