The Art of Presentation
Deliver your keynote presentation with style. Run online meetings with ease. Pitch your business idea with confidence.

Impress your Audience and Clients with clear and sophisticated messages in English.
This course is a fit if you:
  • need to run presentations and meetings;
  • deliver ideas to foreign partners;
  • pitch/present a business to investors;
  • pursue international sales.
  • look to land the job of your dreams.

As a result of the course you will:
  • have a number of ready-to-use templates for your business communication;
  • learn how to say things, not only what to say;
  • develop a simple but cool vocabulary to make a great first impression;
  • be able to utilize storytelling;
  • learn my unique approach to structuring speeches, without having to learn anything by heart.
  • get to know cool new people and get access to a telegram group for support from me and other students.
4 Lessons' Ticket: 70 USD
Sign up now, pay later (Starting on June 12)

Main Course Features:
Disclaimer: this is my first-ever course offered at a discounted price. I will appreciate all of the attendees and your feedback upon the course.
4 pre-recorded webinars
Video - recordings,
Support group in telegram channel, classes summaries.

About Me
Hi folks. My name is Serhii. I am a Ukrainian who co-founded DexDigital - an international e-commerce business that was sold for over $1ml in 2021.

Some of my experience:
  • bootstrapped a start-up having 12k that I borrowed from a friend;
  • found investors in Ukraine when venture funds/business angels were not public;
  • closed deals with first customers, suppliers, partners, and global payment systems;
  • hired and managed people, was in charge of 3 Departments dealing with English-speaking customers exclusively.
  • started a business in China - an online-English school called "Beverly English".
Today, I am finally bringing my knowledge and experience home.
I truly believe that my mission is to help Ukrainians present Ukraine on the global stage with the help of my courses.

Make Mistakes.
Learning is a Perpetual Action. You never stop, and should never Beat Yourself Up for the Mistakes you're Making. Moreover, I will be encouraging you
to try out new things, make More
mistakes, and grow through taking risk.
When the student is ready - the teacher arrives.
Contact me to know the details: