Get the Job Worthy of your Skills and Personality
This course will take you to the Promised Land - the workplace that you deserve. Passing an interview is a process of alignment of your skills & values with those of potential employer. I have taken the leap of faith to be your guide on this route.

Let the journey begin...
Give Me 10 Hours and You will...
✔️Gain the ability to "sell" your skills at the job interview and add up to 70% to your existing salary.

✔️Be able to answer uncomfortable questions without learning answers by heart.

✔️Speak with confidence using the methodology I created from years of experience in business and hiring.

✔️ FLIP the Conversation to aid your narrative and ask thoughtful questions yourself.

✔️Stand out in the Job Market with a unique CV/Cover Letter/LinkedIn page.
Who is this For?
  • job-seekers looking to start their career;
  • employed professionals looking for new/additional job opportunities;
  • recruiters and HR-managers looking to sharpen their verbal hiring skills.
Our Plans
Pick the plan depending on both your English level and Position you'd like to Obtain.
Express course for career starters/switchers
Full-fledged course for those who start or change a career in English
Most comprehensive course for those of you who start/change their career in English
Global Recruiter A+
A course for HR managers and recruiters to fortify your presenttion skills and ability to hire the most professional international applicants
What can I gain from taking this course?
Beverly English:
Throughout the course, we will not only enhance your English proficiency but also develop your communication skills, interview conduct, self-confidence, and emotional regulation.
By the end of the course, you can expect to achieve the following:
  • A personalized unique sales offer (USP) for the international market
  • The ability to respond effectively to questions about your previous experience, key performance indicators (KPIs), professional accomplishments, behavioral challenges, goals, and aspirations
  • Practice in solving logical problems
  • A clear understanding of your strengths and achievements, with the ability to communicate them fluently in English
  • Increased self-assurance in your professional experience
  • The ability to present your experience in an appealing manner
  • A 20-120% increase in the value of your work.
What assurance do I have that I will succeed in interviews after completing the course?
Beverly English:
We guarantee your success on the condition that you:
✔️ Attend regular classes with a teacher
✔️ Complete all assignments
✔️ Fulfill 100% of the at-home preparation for sessions
We have full confidence in our methodology and your potential to succeed. In the event that you remain dissatisfied, we will refund your payment (provided that all of the above conditions have been met).

 How long will it take to complete the entire course?

Beverly English:
The full course typically lasts between 1 and 3 months. During this time, you will dedicate yourself to the coursework, but you will also receive regular feedback during training sessions where you'll practice simulated interviews with a teacher. You will have access to all necessary course materials through your personal account on the platform.
Where will I take the course?
Beverly English:
You will have a TG group where you will receive all the lessons one after another, followed up by some exercises to absorb the material.
When can I start the course?
Beverly English:
You can start the course on March 5th on the Official Release Date.
Can I pay in installments?
Beverly English:
Sure! Payment in parts option is available through our partners: Monobank, OTP, Sportbank. Follow to the payment page and pick how many installments are suitable for you.
About your Tutor
Hi folks. My name is Serhii. I am a Ukrainian who co-founded DexDigital - an international e-commerce business that was sold for over $1ml in 2021.

Some of my experience:
  • bootstrapped a start-up having 12k that I borrowed from a friend;
  • found investors in Ukraine when venture funds/business angels were not public;
  • closed deals with first customers, suppliers, partners, and global payment systems;
  • hired and managed people, was in charge of 3 Departments dealing with English-speaking customers exclusively.
  • started a business in China - an online-English school called "Beverly English".
Today, I am finally bringing my knowledge and experience home.
I truly believe that my mission is to help Ukrainians present Ukraine on the global stage with the help of my courses.

I promise that You will Return this Investment after the
1st Paycheck
A bold statement?